Austin Family Care
Specializing in Children, Adolescents, Couples, & Families

We provide an array of quality of services to help children, adolescents, couples, and families succeed and enjoy a better life.

Child & Adolescent Therapy
Choosing a therapist for your child or teen can be difficult.  We believe that the place you choose should be warm, welcoming, and comfortable. Success in therapy depends on the therapist's ability to form a relationship with your child.  We have worked with children and teens in a variety of settings and specialize in behavioral problems, developmental delays, autism, ADHD, and many other problems that teens and kids experience.  Visiting schools, contacting physicians, and working with the family are just some of things we do to see our younger clients succeed.

Couple's Therapy
We help those whose relationships are needing some simple maintenance to those that find themselves on the brink of divorce.  Our experiences in helping  couples from around the globe have honed our abilities to work out a plan for strengthening relationships, provide better relational strategies, and providing the honesty and insight necessary to make desired change.  All couples are different, and we can offer more intensive couple's services to those who need this. 

Family & Individual Therapy
Our specialties also include helping families, mental health problems (e.g., bipolar), and people going through difficult life transitions.  Rest assured, we tailor all therapy to our clients and partner with you for real change!

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